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I'm a Full Stack developer based in Kathmandu



A companion app for the people who do eBay dropshipping. It tracks supplier stock and price and automatically reflects it to the user's eBay listing. It also helps the user add new products to their eBay listing by pulling in the product information directly from the suppliers.

Built with React.js, Typescript, Python, Docker, Nest.js, and Postgres



An event planning app for the event operator. It's a complete solution for the event locations. It handles everything from planning events to managing guests. It also has a companion mobile app for location partners to manage and get notified when they're assigned to an event.

Built with Vue.js, Hasura, Postgres, Next.js, and Flutter



The missing project Manager for Visual Studio Code. It helps to open projects quickly, no matter where they are. As a developer, one might be working on multiple projects at a time. This app helps to open and close projects in seconds.

The first version of this project was built using vue.js and electron. And it's as fast as an Electron app can be. But the new version of this app is being built using Tauri, which is blazingly fast and comes in a tiny install.

Built with React.js, Typescript, Rust, and Tauri


YT Distraction Remover

Something times the Youtube recommendations engine works too well and recommends a really good video while watching tutorials or learning on Youtube. Sometimes it can be really hard to resist the urge to watch the recommended video. And It can be very distracting to your flow. But fear not YT Distraction Remove is here for the rescue. It removes all the recommendations from Youtube. So, you can have a distraction-free viewing experience.

Built with Javascript

YT Distraction Remover


Gagan Rai

Hello again, My name is Gagan Rai. I'm a self-taught full-stack developer with a passion for creating stuff.

I've been coding for the past 5 years now. Over the years, I got to work on different kinds of projects that solve uniquely different problems. I have worked with a wide range of technologies over the years like C#, PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Node.js, Typescript, Dart, Flutter, etc.

I have always strived to get better at my craft. I don't like to get stagnant with the level of skill for years. So, I'm always looking for an opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

Outside of coding I like to play Guitar (but not that good at it though) and play games like Sekiro, Satisfactory, Age Of Empires, etc.

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